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Tools to Enhance Your Business

I'm always looking for tips and tools to enhance business productivity so that I can work smarter and save time. Below you'll find several tools; One that's new to me, and others that are tried and true.

Gospel PR tools to enhance your business

Boomerang - I have always wished this existed! As a publicist who needs to pitch media outlets and send emails at optimal optimal open times ... THIS IS LIFE. Boomerang for Gmail allows you to schedule emails to send at a later time. They also provide email reminders, and help you track when someone opens your email. I'm just getting started with this tool, but so far, I love it. There is a free option for 10 emails/month or a small fee if you need to send additional scheduled emails.

HelloSign - This tool helps you sign agreements with contractors or clients in an easy and efficient way. With many of my clients in other cities, this allows us to digitally handle business. - This is a simple way to transfer large files like music, photos, or videos.

Hootsuite and Later - We all know how important consistent social media content has become. These tools allow you to think through a communication strategy and schedule your content. I think automation paired with some in-the-moment posts help create a great following and more engagement. I personally have a love/hate relationship with "the grid," but these tools help.

Mailchimp - I've been an advocate for Mailchimp for about five years now. They make it so easy to send emails to your newsletter database or customers. As a newbie in the e-commerce world, Mailchimp has new features that help me understand customer behavior. You can see which emails translate to sales, who opens the emails, and who clicks that links that you embed.

What other tools do you use to enhance your business image or productivity?

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